Monday, June 8, 2009

Another soldier's death

Another Mormon soldier from Northern Ireland has died, the Belfast Telegraph reports.  Sean Binnie, a Mormon hero, died about a week ago in Afghanistan.

I was critical of the coverage of Binnie's death, noting that no one had talked of his faith, whilst covering broadly the Mormonism of John Yettaw.

That has changed with this second death and the coverage was sensitive and kind.

The second soldier, Nigel Moffatt, was in the same Belfast congregation as Binnie and his father described glowingly Moffatt's dedication to his faith and of his missionary work.

His quote is a tribute to his Mormon faith:  "I have my beliefs which are set upon a rock but I struggle because it hurts a wee bit."

Condolences to this brave church unit who lost two sons in a short period, as high a toll as any unit in the church with which I am familiar.

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